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Hot Topic for October

Why expose students to the potential for Identity Theft while taking the ASVAB Test? This issue has been on the table for years and still the DoD refuses to act in the best interests of the students. And why should they? That's the schools' responsibility, not theirs.


Hot Topic for September

School administrators should expect a personal visit from their military representative before the 2016 school year begins to explain a significant U-Turn in DoD Regulations, a switch in the default Release/Testing Option from Option 1 to Option 8.

After decades of Option 1 being the default, what's up?

DoD representatives may try to slide around the details and push for staying with Option 1, which favors their agenda.


Hot Topic for August

1. What happened to ASVAB in Austin ISD?

Unresolved sexual harassment charges against recruiters in Austin ISD results in mandatory selection of Testing Option 8 to restrict military access to students without parental or student consent.

Read the complete story here.

2. Do schools face legal liability when selecting unsafe ASVAB Test Options?


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Coming in October

The Social Security Number Fiasco Continues.

It's now been 15+ years and the DoD still refuses to change a practice that threatens the security of high school students and violates the Federal Information Security Act (FISMA).